The Black Zodiac Personality Test

Number 12, the Juggernaut

The Juggernaut was a serial killer named Horace “Breaker” Mahoney. Standing at seven feet tall, he towed broken-down motorists to his junkyard where he murdered them, tearing them apart with his bare hands and feeding them to his dogs. Being impossible to take on in close combat, his pursuers opted for the safer method, and brought him down in a hail of bullets from all sorts of guns. When he finally went down, they shot an extra clip into him, just to be safe. His ghost still shows bullet holes all over his clothing, and the wound that finished him.

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Il mio segno dello Zodiaco Nero è The Withered Lover (lo sooo… il più normale) e The Juggernaut è sempre stato uno dei miei preferiti (In italiano Il Moloch… che li possino! Beh, almeno non è Il Fenomeno di X-Meniana memoria…). Quello che mi perplime è il fatto che ho risposto alle domande con le opzioni TRANQUILLE e NORMALI. Cioè, della serie… se rispondevo con quelle più cattive che diventavo? The Torso? Moh…


3 thoughts on “Ohibò…

  1. Figo il Juggernaut! *_*
    Io invece sono The Jackal:

    Number Eleven, the Jackal
    The Jackal is Ryan Kuhn, a self-admitted mental patient during the early 20th century with a penchant for attacking women. The doctors at the hospital did little to treat his mental condition and simply locked him in a padded room. After years of imprisonment, he went completely insane and scratched at the walls so violently that his fingernails were ripped completely off. The doctors permanently put him in a straitjacket, and when he chewed the straightjacket and escaped, the doctors had a metal cage locked around his head. After years of this, he grew deformed and reviled human contact. He was the only victim of a fire that broke out in the asylum; he chose to stay behind and meet, what he believed, to be his deserved fate. As a ghost, his arms are free from his jacket, and there is a hole chewed in the front of his cage, showing that he may have escaped his bindings again sometime before the fire.

    Sfigata much! 😛
    Un abbraccio!

    • Io non mi lamenterei… The Jackal, The Juggernaut e The Angry Princess sono la sacra trimurti dei fans! Poteva andarti davvero peggio! Il test per di più è incompleto perché non puoi mai essere The First Born Son, The Torso e The Torn Prince. Detto ciò, mi tengo volentieri The Juggernaut piuttosto che… che so, The Great Child! Brrrrr!


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